Monday, August 21, 2017

LAST BLOG Prompt (August 21)

Thank you to all of you who have been contributing to our on line discussion of the book.  My final reflection of Drive is mixed.  There are some parts that I connected with and enjoyed.  There were also parts with which I had a tough time connecting.  The toolkit was also a mixed experience.  I enjoyed a few parts, but I could not tolerate other parts.  I saw Andrew and Kristin last week and said that there were parts of the toolkit I could not even make myself read including, "Thirteen Ways to Improve Your Company, Office, or Group."  Overall, I am glad we read it; I don't think it was the best book we have read.  My take away from the book is about intrinsic motivation and how important it is to tap into that.

For your final entry, please leave the best "TAKE AWAY" that you have from the book.

I will be sending out a time sheet on August 30 or 31 to people who blogged.  I ordered 20 books and 20 books  were taken.  We did not have 20 people blog.  So, only people who have blogged will be getting the time sheet.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Since Pink is categorizing Type I Behavior as being dependent upon three elements I wanted to really reflect on these elements to see if they are the nutrients that nurture my motivation.   According to Pink autonomy, mastery, and purpose are the essentials.  Passion and true motivation lives within me when there is a true purpose in the work I'm doing and I'm driven by a moral obligation that will benefit the masses.  I have to believe in the purpose of the work in order to be intrinsically motivated first and foremost.  Once I'm connected to do the work in a moral sense I automatically engage in brainstorming solutions to try and reach some type of "mastery".  In essence, I do believe that I require all three elements in order to be intrinsically motivated.  When each of you reflect on what motivates you, do you require all three elements?  Do you need more or less of one?